Enjoy TV On The Go.

Enjoy high-definition video broadcast in the comfort of your car with Pioneer latest digital HD DVB-T2 TV Receiver, GEX-1750DVB2. Equipped with two active antennas, the GEX-1750DVB2 is able to receive up to seven local1 free-to-air channels, and can be operated from compatible2 Pioneer Multimedia Receivers’ touch panel, allowing users to access television programs seamlessly with the option to record the program in a compatible USB media for future playback. GEX-1750DVB2 comes with one-year warranty.

1The GEX-1750DVB2 is designed and built for usage in countries with compatible DVB-T2 broadcast.
2Compatible Pioneer Multimedia Receivers with touch panels: AVH-X1550DVD, AVH-X2550BT, AVH-X4550DVD, AVH-X5550BT, AVH-X6550DVD, AVH-X7550BT, AVH-X8550BT, AVH-X1650DVD, AVH-X2650BT, AVH-X4650DVD, AVH-X5650BT, AVH-X8650BT, AVH-X1750DVD, AVH-X2750BT, AVH-X4750DVD, AVH-XL4750DVD, AVH-X5750BT, AVH_XL5750BT, AVH-X7750BT.


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Superior Video & Audio Performance

Enjoy High Definition Display Resolution of up to 1080PAL and video playback via USB with support for a wide range of formats including FLAC, H.264, Xvid and MKV.

Direct Recording into USB

Continue to record your favourite TV programmes again with this feature, even when the car’s engine is switched off.

Easy Connection

It can be easily connected to any compatible Pioneer Multimedia Receivers via an AUX or HDMI Connection.

Touch Control

Besides the standard remote control, it can also be controlled via touchscreen on compatible Pioneer Multimedia Receivers when connected through Pioneer’s proprietary RGB interface.

Ultra Compact Design

Light and compact, it can be conveniently installed in the glove compartment or under the front passenger’s seat.


  • Country Setting
  • Yes
  • Installation
  • Hide-away
  • RGB output for front display
  • Yes
  • Station Memory
  • Yes
  • Remote Control
  • Yes
  • IR-Sensor
  • Included
  • Antenna
  • 2 Input (F-Connector type)
  • AV Output
  • 1 AUX AV Output (PAL/SECAM/Video & L + R Audio)
    1 HDMI Output
    1 RGB Output
    1 RCA (Video Only) Output for rear display
  • Dimensions (W x H x D)
  • 146 x 113 x 25 mm