Smart Blackbox For The Unexpected

The Pioneer ND-DVR100 belongs to a new generation of smart dash cameras, developed to cater for any unexpected situations, safeguarding the interest of you and your passengers. It comes in a compact and stylish package featuring intelligent sensors to automatically record video in the event of sudden incidents while driving or even when your car is parked while parking mode is activated.

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Unobtrusive And Attractive

Not only is the ND-DVR100 stylishly designed and compact even with an inbuilt colour screen, it can also be conveniently and discreetly mounted in most vehicles on the market. This is achieved without compromising road visibility, too.

Pin-Sharp Video Recording

Capture finer details, from licence plate numbers to facial features, all in full-HD (1920 x 1080) resolution with the ND-DVR100. Its onboard storage can store up to 50 minutes of footage, conveniently viewable through a colour screen on the device.

Enhanced Driving View

Designed to be more compact than conventional models, the ND-DVR100 can be attached directly to the windshield. Thus, it does not obstruct your field of view while driving.

Enjoy Complete Peace Of Mind

Incorporating a built-in G sensor, this dash cam can detect sudden impact and automatically begin recording, while a GPS receiver records crucial information such as your location and time of incident. There is also a Parking Mode, which automatically records if motion is detected within the vicinity of the car.

Unit Package (pcs) 1
Screen Size - 2.0”
Lens Angle - 114°
Video Image Resolution - 1920x1080, 30fps
Video Playback - MP4
Video Recording - 27.5fps
HDR (High Dynamic Range) - Yes (Night Mode)
WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) - Yes
G-Sensor (Impact Recording) - Yes
Parking Mode Recording - Up to 50 mins
Motion Detection / Recording - Yes
GPS (Time / Date stamp) - Yes
Cycle-record - Yes
Dimensions (W x H x D) - 60mm x 68mm x 38mm
SD Type - Micro (SDHC)
Battery (Bulit-in) - Yes